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Setting Smiles Up for Success

Teens can be challenging for parents in all sorts of ways, but when it comes to their oral health, we’ve got you covered here at Wellspring Pediatric Dentistry! Call to learn about how our Katy dentist for teens can guide them through the final stages of losing their baby teeth, monitor their permanent teeth, and set them up for success by helping them establish positive habits that will serve them no matter where the next phase of life takes them. We'll also help to protect your child's smile if they take part in competitve sports, as well as make sure their teeth remain clean and healthy throughout their treatment with braces and invisalign.


Why Choose Wellspring Pediatric Dentistry for Teen Dental Care?

  • Led by Award-Winning Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist
  • Dental Office Designed to Suit Children of All Ages
  • We Only See One Dental Patient at a Time


Should My Teenager Still See a Pediatric Dentist?

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While a teen might certainly seem all grown up, their mouth, face, and jaw are still developing and changing quite rapidly, and only pediatric dentists are trained to monitor this and know what to expect. As part of her specialty training, Dr. Mehta worked with countless teens up to 18 years old—she knows that not every child is a toddler and can relate to yours in a way that makes them feel respected and welcome when they come to see her. Dr. Mehta can also discuss safe and effective whitening and cosmetic care, as needed. 

Dental Services for Teens

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Regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings are essential for teens so we can make sure their adult teeth are coming in properly, and this also allows us to catch any problems before they become complicated. We can repair cavities with tooth-colored fillings, keep cracked teeth together with metal-free dental crowns, and recommend the best time for your child to begin orthodontics if needed.