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Gentle Care for the Most Fun Smiles

We love seeing toddlers take their first steps into our Katy pediatric dental office with big smiles on their faces, and we’re here to make sure that they keep smiling! The toddler years are a big point of transition when it comes to a child’s oral health as their teeth start to come in, and with regular dental exams, Dr. Mehta can help this process go smoothly as well as establish a relationship with your child that will serve them throughout each stage of development. Give us a call to learn more!


Why Choose Wellspring Pediatric Dentistry for Toddler Dental Care?

  • Led by Award-Winning Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist
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  • We Only See One Dental Patient at a Time


Toddler Teeth Development

Young child smiling after seeing dentist for toddlers in Katy

Every day, we receive many, many questions about how a child’s teeth should come in. While the timeline is different for everyone, generally, the teeth first start to appear around the six to 12-month mark. Most often, the front teeth come in first, and new ones appear about every one to two months until there are 20 in total. On average, a child should have all of their primary (baby) teeth around age three.

What Is Teething?

Child holding string of dental floss in their mouth

In addition to actually seeing your child’s teeth, you’ll also be able to tell they are coming in because your little one will be teething. This can cause some oral soreness and prolonged grumpiness simply because the teeth pressing on a child’s gums doesn’t feel very good! We’ve helped countless children and parents through this often stressful process, so we can help you find ways to minimize their discomfort so your entire household can remain happy and healthy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions!