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Putting a Stop to Terrible Toothaches

A toothache can really throw a wrench into everyone’s day. You have to pull your child out of school, probably take time off of work, and schedule a last-minute dental appointment. We understand that this situation can be stressful, which is why we offer same-day emergency dentistry appointments. For the worst toothaches, we can stop the pain and save your child’s tooth in many cases using root canal treatment and pulp treatment in Katy.


Why Choose Wellspring Pediatric Dentistry for Pulp (Nerve) Treatment?

  • Led by Award-Winning Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist
  • Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointments Available
  • Dental Team That Prioritizes Patient Comfort

What Happens During a Pulpotomy/Pulpectomy?

Hand holding a model of a decayed tooth

First things first—a pulpotomy/pulpectomy is NOT painful. The discomfort often attributed to it actually stems from the toothaches this treatment is designed to solve. For this procedure, your child’s mouth is numbed, and then Dr. Mehta creates a small hole in the enamel. This allows her to remove the infected tissue from the inside that is causing the pain and clean out the small chambers of the tooth. The tooth is then medicated and topped with a crown to preserve its structure.

What Is Pulp Treatment?

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Pulp treatment is very similar to a root canal, but instead of removing all of the internal dental tissue (the pulp), any healthy tissue is left alone. This is better for developing mouths as this enables a tooth to function normally and receive the blood supply it needs. We often recommend this for baby teeth so they don’t fall out too early (which can lead to many complications for the adult teeth later on).